Monday, 24 August 2009


"i've decided to start a fashion blog for a few main reasons":
1. firstly, because fashion occupies a large part of my life. this is not only through readership of countless other blogs, expensively shiny magazines but through upcoming studies at london college of fashion and my compulsively bad spending habit.
2. just because it will be a nice past time. as all my friends are now over the legal drinking age, they can go out, spend their money and party all night. as i am seventeen, i can not.*
so, instead of crawling into a pit of bored depression i have decided to spend time on here instead. i will be posting things, beautiful things which inspire me, and which hopefully one day i will afford**. however, since my taste lies in acne, phi and opening ceremony...maybe not.***

this blog is super personal and super self indulgent.

isla x

*fun trivia: this was the inspiration for the title.
**as i can't spend my money on alcohol, these chances are heightened...non?
***be fully aware that i turn 18 in over a month and a half.

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